How to make her squirt

Want to make her squirt like a porn star? Wish to make her explode with pleasure, indulge in the most intense, totally different kind of all-body orgasm has ever experienced?

If your answer is yes, then this is the right place for you! Although learning how to make her squirt may not seem easy, it's worth it if you want your woman to achieve the best orgasms of her life.

This article will provide you with the most important squirting tips that you need. Every woman can ejaculate, just like every man. It's all about understanding your woman’s body and knowing the best sequence of sex moves to use. These are some of the best tips to help your woman have one of her most enjoyable and satisfying sexual experiences. It's a completely unique experience. 

Let's get back to the main topic...

What is squirting?

Contrary to what a lot of people think, squirting is not peeing.

There are some women who mistake squirting for a pee since squirting and pee come from the same hole, the urethra, which makes them uncomfortable. If she feels like she might pee she may tense her muscles and prevent herself from squirting. Some people believed that squirting is just incontinence (accidental peeing), but this has also been disproved.

Squirting, unlike peeing is an involuntary response to G-spot stimulation. Although the exact composition of the fluid is still a matter of dispute, according to some studies, the liquid ejaculated from squirting originates from Skene's glands and contains trace amounts of sugars, electrolytes, water, and urine (between 3-7%).

We do believe that every woman should have pleasurable orgasms and squirting should be a part of a healthy sex lifestyle.

Steps to make her squirt

With a little bit of know-how and a fair amount of patience, you can master the technique yourself.

#1 do some preparation

  • The amount of squirting fluid varies from person to person, for some women, the amount of liquid is much larger, while some might release a teaspoonful, so you’re best to place a towel down to avoid any possible mess.
  • It's obvious that you don't want to put any sharp objects in her vagina. Make sure you file and trim your fingernails so that there are no sharp edges that could hurt your woman.
  • Squirting should be a pleasant journey. Make sure she feels completely comfortable and at ease. Take the pressure off

#2 Foreplay is Crucial

We cannot stress enough that foreplay is crucial. She won’t be able to achieve a squirting orgasm if she isn’t fully turned on. There is no one way to get your partner in the mood. If you have no idea how to turn your woman on, ask for her thoughts. They might be into anal sex, oral sex, role play, sex toys, dirty talk, or something else. 

  • Kiss her neck at the very beginning of foreplay.
  • Gently explore the area around the breast that is super sensitive.
  • Work slowly to squeeze her hips
  • Talk dirty to her

#3 Ramp up clitoral and vaginal stimulation.

Rubbing and licking your woman’s clit to further get her warmed up and turned on. Pleasuring her clit while you’re giving her internal stimulation. Of course, you can stimulate her clit with your fingers, mouth, or sex toys like allovers dildo, vibrators, and tail butt plugs.

#4 Locate the G-spot

Clitoral orgasms are the most popular type of climax women have. However, G-spot stimulation is the best way to make her squirt.

  • Insert two lubed-up fingers into her found the G-spot area
  • Massage her G-spot using tapping, stroking, and caressing movements
  • Keep Going until her G-spot is filled with blood
  • If she feels like she’s about to pee, it’s a sign she’s about to squirt

Master these moves mentioned above and she will be quite happy! Take action to give your woman the most pleasurable orgasm now!!!