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What is a tail butt plug

A butt plug is a sex toy designed to be inserted in the anal for sexual pleasure. Compared to a dildo, the butt plug tends to be shorter and has a flanged edge to prevent it from being lost in the rectum. A butt plug with an animal tail attached is called a "tail butt plug". The tail provides extra excitement and is popular among people with animal play fetishes. Typically, the butt plug with the tail is worn by a submissive. The dominant can also wear it while performing a power play 

Depending on the animal, a tail butt plug can come in a variety of designs and features. Some have a more humane appearance, and others are aimed at a more sexy look. Some have bunny ears, while others may opt for a fluffy puppy or pony tail. A tail butt plug with a long tail gives off a more sensual appeal, while a short one is cute. Some are even designed to be comfortable, which is a plus for beginner users. A tail butt plug adds a fun aspect to the backdoor. It makes it more exciting to explore the back door, and it also stimulates the sensory receptors. The tail butt plug can be a great accessory for a kinky photoshoot. They are not only comfortable to wear but also extremely visually appealing.

Furry tail plugs are typically smaller and shorter than the other types of butt plugs. They have a faux tail at the end, which can be very long or short depending on the user's preference. There are animal faux tails for every kind of beast: a fox, cat, dog, rabbit, wolf, etc, from which everyone could choose. 

Tips for choosing a tail butt plug

One of the most important things to look for when buying a butt plug with a long tail is the material it is made of. While latex is the most common material, there are other options, including silicone, neoprene, wood, glass, and stone. Among all of these materials, silicone is the best choice for many people because it is easy to clean and disinfect. Butt plugs made of fur are available in a variety of colors, and they can be made of real or fake fur. It is important to know the difference between real and fake fur, as the former requires extra care.

Make sure that the base of the plug is flared. This feature is important because the anal cavity is different from the vagina, which means it does not have a barrier to keep things out.

The right size for your butt is also important. When you are buying a butt plug with a tail, consider the maximum diameter and length, which are the two main measurements. For beginners, a small butt plug is better than a large one. With time, you can move up to a bigger butt plug. 

Many people, including couples and cosplayers, enjoy the furry tail plugs. This is not only because they look great but also because they can be used for role-playing and naughty photo shoots. The primary purpose of tail butt plugs is to stimulate sexual pleasure and take a person closer to the climax. It's the perfect sex toy for both men and women. So enjoy it!!!

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