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What is a rose toy?

If you've been on the sexy side of TikTok anytime, you're likely familiar with the rose sex toy, a suction-based sex toy that has gone viral on TikTok. Dozens of users who used rose toys claimed that they brought them incredible orgasms, plus helped them to squirt and experience new forms of pleasure. They rave about this suction vibrator’s almost supernatural ability to induce powerful clitoral orgasms.

The rose toy, known as the rose vibrator, or rose clit sucker, gets its name from the rose-like shape. A rose toy is a clitoral stimulation toy that uses air pulse and pressure technology to suck on the glans head of the clitoris, simultaneously stimulating different erogenous zones in the body. The rose toy is a typical vibrator sex toy that, at the very base level, works like a suction sex toy but with more attractive visual and functional features.

How to use a rose toy?

There are no wrong ways to use sex toys, as long as you feel good about what you are doing, it is correct. These tips below still be helpful in getting the most enjoyment out of rose sexy.

(1)Before you start, it is important to establish the right atmosphere when you go for the 'Big O'. Playing your favorite song, relaxing in a tub, lighting candles, or enjoying a glass of wine are all ways to get into the spirit. 

(2)First of all, It’s essential to apply lube to make you more comfortable. The puffing air can cause discomfort and irritation if you’re not well-lubricated, and natural vulva wetness will dry up faster than with a synthetic lubricant. Lube will enhance all of your sexual experiences, and that includes your sexual experiences with the rose sex toy. The rose sex toy will "seal" against one’s body by applying lube to both the mouth of the rose toy and one’s genitals so that the movement of the air in the toy stays targeted.

(3)Then spread your outer labia, locate your clitoris and cover your clitoris with a rose sucking vibrator. You should create an airtight vacuum between the clit sucking toy and your clitoris for maximum intensity. It's not necessary to have a perfect seal in order to benefit from the suction; however, covering your clit with rose sucking vibrator can significantly increase the intensity of your orgasms.

(4)Now that you're warmed up and lubricated, it's time to turn on the rose suction toy. Start with the lowest setting. It's common for our users to start with high settings too quickly and don't give their clits enough time to adjust. If it's your first time, the first setting is usually enough to get the job done. If you're looking for more intensity, gradually increase the vibration and suction. Adjust the distance and angle that you are using to hold the rose toy until you find the one that works perfectly for your body. Try out different air pressure modes to discover the perfect suction setting for you. Stop or slow if it feels remotely painful or uncomfortable on your clitoris or skin

(5)It's done! You have successfully used the rose vibration toy. These suction vibrators don't come in direct contact with any clit. You can have another orgasm and not need to cool off. This is entirely up to you.

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