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Horse Tail Butt Plug

Pony tail butt plugs are a great way to stimulate the butt plug during sex. They can be used to massage several body parts and stimulate multiple erogenous zones. They can also be used to add stimulation during thrusts. They are great for role-playing.

A pony tail butt plug is used to satisfy their sexual fantasies. However, before you choose this kind of device, you should know what to look for. You should look for size, safety, durability, and features. Then, you can choose a device that will satisfy your sexual fantasies and give you intense pleasure.


Pony tail butt plugs are flexible, unisex anal plugs that are great for double penetration and prostate probing. They come in a variety of colors and are great for kinky cosplay. A good quality pony tail butt plug is made of synthetic materials and is vegan friendly. They come in three sizes and are handmade with attention to detail. A good quality pony tail butt plug will be able to withstand the intense pressure of sensation play. Most of them are also made of faux hair, which is not only comfortable, but it is also safe to use. Pony tail butt plugs are easy to insert. They are small and easy to clean. They are also handmade, which makes them even better. They usually come with a brown tail and a small silicone butt plug.

The price of a pony tail butt plug varies, but it is well worth the price. While some may wish to have more options when it comes to the tail, this product is perfect for those who want to tap into their wild side.


When it comes to the size of a pony tail butt plug, there are a few things to consider. You may want something that fits snugly in your pony's butt or something that is a little looser and more secure. Luckily, there are several plug styles available.

One popular style is the long pony tail plug, which is tapered and smooth. This style also features a flared base and is very easy to put on and take off. It's a classic shape and is perfect for pony play. You can also get a pony tail butt plug in a variety of colors.

Crystal delights pony tail butt plug is an excellent option if you're looking for a sparkly pony tail butt plug. This plug features a smooth tip, a flared base, and a long stem that makes it easy to insert. Crystal delights pony tail plugs are available in lavender, pink, and blue colors.

A pony tail butt plug is an excellent choice for all experience levels. Whether you're an expert or a beginner, a 3" pony tail is a great choice. Its smooth texture makes it comfortable to insert and remove, and the long tail adds to the pleasure and play. It comes in a variety of colors and textures, including a brown or blonde pony tail. Another great option for a pony tail butt plug is a horse tail.


When you're looking for a good pony tail butt plug, durability is a crucial factor. A well-made one is not likely to tear or fall apart after a single wash. Also, consider whether the product is made from vegan-friendly materials. Some manufacturers use animal-derived materials. In these cases, a non-vegan product may be better. The product you choose should also be made of non-toxic materials.

Lastly, consider the materials used to create the tail of the plug. Real fur requires more attention and care than synthetic or fake materials. If the plug is made from real fur, you should use a dedicated animal fur cleaner. Otherwise, you can use warm water and mild soap. However, for faux fur, you can use regular shampoo and conditioner. Once dry, the tail should be stored in a clean and cool place.

If you're concerned about allergy-induced sensitivity, a synthetic material may be best. Other materials, such as glass, may be less durable but have more positive qualities. Silicone is one of the most popular choices, but it must be used with a silicone-safe lubricant. Glass is also a popular choice, as it has a smooth surface and is easy to clean. Metal is another popular material for tail butt plugs, though it can irritate sensitive skin.


Pony tail butt plugs are a great way to ensure your anal safety when playing with their pony. They are made of hardened borosilicate glass, making them safe to use even in hot and cold temperatures. This plug features a smooth tip to make insertion a breeze. It also features a flared base and a slender stem. Pony tail butt plugs come in many different materials. The most common type is latex, but you can also find them made of silicone, neoprene, glass, metal, and stone. Silicone is a great choice because it can be sterilized in boiling water.

Proper lubrication

Proper lubrication of a pony tail butt plug is important for the best experience. It will help the lovebird insert the plug more easily and prevent an unpleasant anus pinch. Besides, the lube will help him/her relax and the butt plug will be more effective. The lubricant should be applied before inserting the butt plug. It should cover the whole plug and not just the outside. Some people only lubricate outside the anus, but this will only make the inserting process painful. Proper lubrication is essential for the plug to work effectively. Proper lubrication is also important to avoid an unpleasant anus infection. The anus is full of nerve endings and needs to be stimulated with lubrication that will not make the anus itch or feel uncomfortable. Water-based lubricants are ideal for use with pony tail butt plugs. Silicone-based lubricants may be difficult to clean and do not work as well as water-based lubricants. When using water-based lubricants, be sure to reapply after each use. Water-based lubricants can become sticky if not applied frequently. Make sure you reapply lube at least every couple of hours. A good lubricant will keep the plug in place.

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