What’s a rainbow kiss

Now that you have perfected the French kiss, are you ready to try something else? You might be looking for new ways to spice up your hookups or to get rid of the boring old makeouts, then this is the type of kissing you should try. It's called a rainbow kiss and has a relation to menstruation. If you've been on TikTok, you've likely noticed a recent trend: Rainbow Kisses. These are kisses that usually involve someone with a uterus and someone with a penis. These kisses are hilarious, but can also trigger certain emotions in people.

What’s a rainbow kiss

A rainbow kiss might sound like an innocent thing to some people, especially to those who have heard about this term for the first time. What exactly is a rainbow kiss? Is rainbow kiss true? The instant you hear the term, there is too much curiosity. Some even consider it to be gross. Rainbow kiss - is a term that refers to an intimate practice between two adults. The act includes the exchange of bodily fluids—specifically menstrual blood and semen—between the two partners. A rainbow kiss likely evolved from period sex, which involves penetration or oral sex while the biologically female partner is on her period.

Rainbow kisses are a specific type of sex act that involves both semen and menstrual blood, and those who do it typically do so because they share some sort of fetish for bodily fluids. A rainbow kiss is an oral sex act between a female during her menstruation and her partner usually male in which the penis and uterus exchange fluids. This fluid exchange occurs between men and women at around position 69 - a person goes down on a woman during her monthly cycle, and the girl gives a blow job. After the man ejaculates in the woman’s mouth, the couple kisses, mixing the menstrual blood with the semen. Gross? The process creates a beautiful rainbow with their mouths. It is extremely pleasurable and cathartic.

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It can relieve menstrual cramps

Performing rainbow kisses is a great way to ease menstrual cramps and promote sex. This bedtime ritual is meant to build a stronger bond between a couple and break down the taboo surrounding menstrual blood and fluids. While this practice has been practiced for centuries, some women have expressed concern about the risks associated with using their partner's menstrual fluids. Women can try using flavored lube to mask unpleasant smells.

However, it should be noted that this practice carries the same risks as classic intercourse. The risk of transmission of a sexually transmitted disease is always present. To avoid this, ensure that the person you are kissing is a healthy individual. If you are unsure of your partner's STD status, never try to perform a rainbow kiss.

When performing Rainbow Kisses, you must know when your partner is having their period. The most ideal time is two hours before the start of your partner's period. For safety purposes, the woman should avoid cutting her gums or using mouthwash right before performing the kiss.

Is doing a rainbow kiss safe?

It is important to understand the risks associated with rainbow kisses before sharing them with your partner. Some of these risks are similar to the risks associated with unprotected sex. For example, you can transfer HIV, gonorrhea, herpes, or chlamydia through oral sex. Additionally, you can transmit syphilis through bodily fluids, and if you have contact with blood, the risks of transmission increase.

So if you are considering a rainbow kiss, make sure your partner is HIV-negative and free of any sexually transmitted disease. While this is not an absolute requirement, having a clean partner is a huge help. You can be sure that your partner is completely clean by checking his/her health history and hygienic habits.