Silicone Gray Wolf Tail Plug SG1895
Silicone Gray Wolf Tail Plug SG1895
Silicone Gray Wolf Tail Plug SG1895
Silicone Gray Wolf Tail Plug SG1895
Silicone Gray Wolf Tail Plug SG1895
Silicone Gray Wolf Tail Plug SG1895

Silicone Gray Wolf Tail Plug SG1895

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Do you want to play the role of a mystical yet furry and sexy submissive? This 9" Silicone Gray White Wolf Tail Plug will certainly help you get into the mood.

Animal-themed role play plus anal play, how rowdy does that sound? To spice things up in the bedroom, some couples tend to mix things up a bit and throw in a little role play during lovemaking. However, for some couples, dressing up isn't quite enough. They'd like to take things into a new level and wear anal plugs! Butt plugs are sex toys worn in the anus that can help massage and stimulate the sensation from within. It's not widely known that the anus actually has a lot of sensitive nerve endings. You can reach and fire up these nerves by using sex toys such as these butt plugs.

The butt plug that comes with this 9" Silicone Gray White Wolf Tail Plug has a diameter of 1.10 inches and the silky smooth tail attached to it is nine inches long. And since wolves are known to be wild yet very mysterious and alluring creatures, this wolf tail plug will make you look like an untamed animal longing for a mate! The plug that comes with this tail is made of silicone, very safe for use and also non-porous, which means that it's free from harmful bacteria!

Be a responsible sex toy user and sanitize it first before use! For silicone butt plugs, you can simply wash this with lukewarm water and mild soap. And since the butt hole doesn't lubricate on its own, it needs a little help from your trusted brand of lubricant. Apply an ample amount throughout the plug and into the orifice. Gently insert the tapered tip and let the plug sit securely in between your butt cheeks. Wear this with any of your sexy outfits or better yet, with your birthday suit. You can also get a pair of matching animal ears to complete the look! Right after your wild mating with your partner, wash the plug again! Wipe it dry and place it inside cool storage for safekeeping!

Wear this 9" Silicone Gray White Wolf Tail Plugin between your butt cheeks and sway it side-to-side; your Dom wouldn't even put up a fight and will surely grab your ass right away! Get one now!

Color Black (plug), gray and white (tail)
Material Handle: Synthetic fur
Plug: Silicone
handle: 9 inches
plug: N/A
handle: N/A
plug: 1.10 inches
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